When Mary and I sit here at night to drink some red wine in the nude, waiting and plan for the holidays this year, the two are playing each other, and remembering some good memories of times past on vacation. We are of our dear friend the past Graeme and his widow still warm Jayne, we need petiteteenager to go and back again, after our vacation, because they want to be Mary, all the adventures this year, because we had the most years remember, remember. Although they are much older now, Mary has not played a very wet pussy and pleasure still love each other and love our outdoor fun to watch and be watched. Now we are both very comfortable when naked in business and still love the beach. Mary is not colder than a day in the sun naked on the beach watching all the naked bodies, and think about what kind of sex as different people. The first petiteteenager adventure, we have to observe and be observed after the consumption of our old friends at home had been in our seriescond holiday with your partner. We went to an apartment near Benidorm, for two weeks, and the first day and went to a nude beach, read in Calpe near Benidorm, north to find. We found the beach, which was quite isolated among the rocks, was very tight, but protected. Anyway, when we went to a point that we had to pull part of a couple in their forties, which is implanted through a small stimulus rock at the foot of the cliff to find, said: " Wave" and directed but I can not imagine, in Spanish. She was very attractive for her age, black hair, beautiful tits and a pert B cup'ish natural bush around her pussy, which was a bit more, with beard and smoking a cigar in time with a thick tail, but limp. Mary soon to comment after petiteteenager that happened, the thickness of the tail was the man. We went to about 10 meters and set our towels and stole looked to see who else was there. As it was May, there are still about 50 meters from the beach and about three meters individuals, one of about 5 meters from us and two very close to the couple that just happened. After one hour had passed, Mary I, who told me to look at the older man next to us wakes up, he had moved in the water and stroked his hard huge, a good 10 " and stared to the beach the spur of rock. I looked at Mary and saw that she was washed, I was in my hands and how her pussy bald and was all swollen and wet, so she turned to him and the imposition of my Mary snuggled against her back and felt her pussy, she spread her legs and asked me what the guy watching, I asked her if she had a fridge with a sly while I was dosing, and went all coy about the subject I knew well by now. I could see the beach from my position, the decomposition of rocks and the other pair in the vicinity. All I could see was his waist and legs of the woman lying on her back, but his face between them was her husband, apparently, of the juicehairy skin. I mentioned this to Mary, who turned quickly to his side to them, and went behind my lob tail had now developed into a decent bite. I walked up to me to allow access and Mary reached around and rubbed her clitoris must have her pussy opened like a flower, I like the first time they met and began to breathe heavily. Meanwhile, the boy next door to the other couple still the straw of his views on the shallow water and I noticed the petiteteenager other guys on the beach were masturbating. The bearded man stood up and moved with his wife here, and soon petiteteenager shows his erection. At this point, I was full and overflowing to build pre -cum, and is still in the spoons with Mary, I slid my cock into her pussy from behind and soak Mary carefully, began to fuck. We did this for about 15 minutes, check the petiteteenager other direction to make sure no one petiteteenager approached us, until the man moved his wife and wanked its tail around the legs. This ended all of its various types of assistance and Mary then released me and turned around and grabbed his cock erect and gave me a quick end bj swallow everything you gave. The only all returned to lie on their towels, while the other had a smoke entered the water for bathing and washing. After the water came from the beach, the couple walked past us and we just smiled and said, "Ola " as he passed. This was our first real beach to see someone hot Hanky ??Panky and other like-minded people saw. late at night when we had a beer before dinner, Maria in the shower, and I was on the petiteteenager balcony of our Penthouse chatting with a man and his wife, both in petiteteenager bathing suits, one floor below, and a housing in any others, I was naked, but is visible only to them from the chest up better. As I spoke, Mary came out and got under the direction of Sighsty began to fellatio, had the shameless bit in the shower getting ready in more ways than one. I woke up very fast, but led the conversation, until he finally said, I think you can hear the phone. I turned round and grabbed Mary took her to the bedroom and pushed her onto the bed and grabbed the dog position to begin with and then turned around putting her legs on my shoulder and crashed in the rough for all it was worth off. Screaming sex, but very nice as it came very soon, I'm sure, just to let you know the couple in the other apartment, which we did. I quickly called and then went to the shower. We had to be prepared for the night, I wore the shoes and pants, a shirt, Mary was determined only shoes and a loose summer dress, nipples all night and she shone often, but when nobody was looking. When we returned home that night, we were petiteteenager very drunk, but so hot so we went to the balconyony and the warm night air in the morning I took off my shoes and pants and dress of Mary rose to his waist and grabbed her breasts under her dress and fucked her doggy style while maintaining the top of the wall of the balcony. We stayed in bed exhausted and completely satisfied at night. We went to the beach the next day but petiteteenager never saw the same pair again, things were pretty petiteteenager normal, but that was OK, because my penis was a little sore from all the action that day, I have described. We still have some interesting action on the beach this year, but not as good as the first day, most of us only mate with a single blow or even guys that straw, while Mary or another woman or couple as. Mary does not mind that kind of attention, in fact, she enjoys it and plays quite often pretending to sleep or do not have, but she always opens her legs and lift your knees so that her pussy visible and open to kids to see. Since then, we haveI have had many adventures in between our outstanding beaches and I would say, were the following : a meeting of gay couple on a beach in the south of Salou and follow them to see the forest are mutually fellatio, while Mary I fellatio, was put up against a tree and Frigg her clitoris, before wearing it down and with my tongue. On the beach a few years later we find a gifted cyclist Fat and his wife, who was wounded in the nipple, twice and had several piercings in her pussy carefully combed. The two were as brown as the bogeyman of 6 weeks on the beach in the nude. Mary thought they were Spanish and almost died when he speaks, he stopped with a strong Yorkshire accent, after a walk to the beach. Since we were in a quiet area of ??this nude beach, expansive and almost hidden behind sand dunes and Mrs. settled grabbed her husband 's cock was hard and occasionally petiteteenager licking stroking and watching us all the time. Meanwhile Mary had started petiteteenager a similar effect on me and soon we were committed to our favorite beach time in the leg. I quite vertical, and saw the other woman on hands and petiteteenager knees to get the mount type and slipped back a fairly evaluate. Meanwhile, Maria straddled his cock and it hurt her pussy slammed soaked. I had to give the position a little to swing a good view of the other couple with her tits like crazy to get, as her husband jumped from behind. Soon they came and how he solved it rolled onto his back and made her husband eat pussy. The view of this I have come to Mary, and went very quickly after a few strokes of her clit itself. Was launched and asked me if I wanted to do the same as the other pair, but I lay down beside her and put my fingers in her pussy and stroked swimming for them, while the other has finished. We have a talk to the couple again and invited us back to his tent in the campsite next to the nude beach, but unfortunatelywas our last day this year and had petiteteenager to pack up and go home. Like I like the idea that we are liberated lifestyle for a few more years yet. No doubt he has learned, naked, open-minded but respectful of others when we can, and find discrete areas in which you find like-minded people can be happy and see and be seen. You can also find these places, if you are patient and keep an eye for opportunity, you can even if that's your choice, you never know, could Mary and I see out there watching you
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